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Custom Services, Inc.
Precision Machined Parts and Assemblies for the Aerospace Industry


Custom Services, Inc., since 1963 has produced precision machined parts and assemblies. A Division of Inglewood Custom Services, Inc., Custom Services produced machined parts and assemblies exclusively for the exacting requirements of the aerospace and avionics industries. 

Today, we provide consultation, planning and programming services for manufacturers in the defense aerospace industry.

B-2 Bomber performs a flyover on the day of the naming ceremony for the "Spirit of California". The B-2 flew very low over the crowd attending the event in Palmdale, California. Picture by David Coffin

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Custom Services was once a preferred supplier to a number of the nations largest aerospace companies. Since 1963, we have earned a reputation for producing machined parts and assemblies of the highest quality for the aerospace industry.  Custom Services, Inc. teamed with major prime contractors on many major programs such B-2, C-17, F-5, F-18, Stinger, Phalanx, Standard missile, Lavi (IAI), T-38.

Our expertise crosses many manufacturing disciplines including:

  • Machining
    • Aluminum, Stainless, Nickel, Titanium, 
      Plastics, Phenolics.
    • Bar, Plate, Sheet
    • Forgings, Castings, Dip Brazing

  • CNC Milling
    • 3D Surfacing
    • 3, 4 and 5 axis general machining
  • CNC Turning
  • Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • Up to .12 thick aluminum
    • Up to .06 thick steel
  • Assembly
    • Helicoil
    • Riveting
    • Adhesive bonding
    • Hot & cold fit
  • Quality
    • CMM Inspection
    • AQS 9000
    • AQS 9102

    Complex machine parts, electronic enclosures, housings, covers, front panels, bushings, brackets, card guides, push rods, cranks, brazed electronic enclosures, castings, shims, bolts, nuts, bus bars. Please visit our photo gallery to view a few examples of the types of parts we have experiance producing.

Inspection and Fabrication Tooling Modeling Making & Prototype Dip Brazed

Providing the Aerospace Industry with
Precision Flight Hardware Since 1963

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